Where Is Cambodia?

Cambodia is in Southeast Asia. The country is snuggled between Thailand and Vietnam. Laos is immediately on the other side of its northern border and the waters of the Gulf of Thailand wet its southwestern shores.

The country is halfway, around the world, from Canada, the United States and from the South American countries and Europe.

Red pin in map above marks the location of Cambodia in Asia.

If you enlarge the map you will see that Cambodia is situated in the center of short travel-routes that connect the different exotic tourist lures in its neigboring countries that comprise the part of the asian region geographically referred to as the Mainland Southeast Asia.

Is there still war in Cambodia?


It used to be, that the mention of the name "Cambodia" immediately brings to mind images of jungles, cobras, brutal firefights (such as those shown in Stallone's "First Blood" war movies), exploding land mines in rice fields and such similar macabre impressions of the land as brought to us by newspapers and newscasts back in the 1970s and the 1980s.

How Is It Now In Cambodia?

Now, in Cambodia, you can sit in peace and sip latte or chilled beer in a sidewalk-cafe and try not to mind young women in short-short shorts whiz by in brand new motocycles, carelessly dialing in one hand the latest issue of a smart-phone. Cambodia now is actually more peaceful and safe compared to many western countries where public safety is constantly threatened by terroristic acts or random shooting in public places.

Sidewalk cafes are almost everywhere in the cities and major towns in Cambodia. Inside they are cooled by airconditioning. Almost always they provide free wifi service. Photo Copyright: PEARL IMAGES

Is Cambodia A Popular Tourist Destination?

Over five million tourists entered the territory of Cambodia in 2016. The 2017 Cambodian tourism statistics, when it comes out this year, is expected to show a greater number.

It is usual to see foreign nationals, particularly those from western countries, roaming the city streets or relaxing in cafes in the cities and even in rural areas. You may pass by a bus station and see tour buses disgorge or board loads of American, European and Asian tourists heavily burdened with overstuffed backpacks, conspicously pale-skinned or conspicously tanned, either headed to or have just departed from some sun and salt-water drenched beaches or eco-tourism sites.

The country has been attracting not only pure tourists, but also working professionals, investing businessmen, students of culture-studies, Christian missionaries and non-sectarian humanitarian workers.

Is Cambodia Worth Visiting?

If you are young, or has not forgotten youthfulness, the uniqueness and warm ambiance in Cambodia could be a place worth your recreation time.

What is Cambodia, particularly now, is definitely a place, we believe, that just might complement or again recharge the spirit of adventure and the youthful person in you or even make you begin thinking that maybe it is time to move to a warmer and friendlier environment. 

What conveniences are available for tourists in Cambodia?

Modern Western Widgets and Ways Now In Cambodia

The sights and trappings of modern life in the western worlds have inevitably and definitely began to take prominent appearances in Cambodia, particularly in its major cities. Highrise structures, high-end cars, ATM booths, wifi everywhere, smartphones; they are all already there.


Conveniences Available To Tourists

Tourists can enjoy good hotel or guesthouse accomodation. For transportation, city buses and taxis you can call thru smartphones are beginning to edge out (sadly) the traditional motorcycle-drawn carriages (called "tuk-tuk").

Clean cozy cafes with free wifi are prolifirating everywhere, affording cool oases to tourists roaming the city on foot. Restaurants abound, either plush, cozy or side-of-street affair. Menu includes western, asian, indian, middle eastern or traditional cambodian cooking.

Water in the cities is from the government waterworks and comes out, from taps and showers, clean, demineralized and soft. 


Rustic Ambiance Still Prevails

In Cambodia, however, the rustic ambience is still very much visible in its physical forms, in the unique cultural practices and in the characteristics of people. Friendliness to foreign visitors is particularly one of the immediately notable element in the social atmosphere.

Cows freely romping around a bus in a stop-over point along the highway is a sure reminder of the still rustic ambience that continue to prevail in Cambodia up to this time. Photo Copyright: TLT Images

Cambodia has retained much of its rustic ambience and ways that continue to promise the ingredients of adventure in a travel in the Asian setting. In fact, your vacation in Asia may not be quite as exotic and "asian" as it can get if you fail to drop by the Kingdom of Cambodia this year. And, a visit to Cambodia now could still be the most adventurous part of your asian travel.

There is  a distinctive ambiance in Cambodia that makes the country attractive to those who seek personal freedom in a lifestyle and the chance to experience ways of doing things that can be truly unusual and surprising to those who have gotten used to the predictability of things in more developed countries. Travelling in this country can still collect uncommon adventures and possibilities of "over-cup-of-coffee-tales" of misadventures that can be later retold with glee.

This website offers information that can lessen surprises from unexpected hassles common to travelling in Asia, as you go to, or thru, Cambodia.