IVisa for Cambodia

The country of Cambodia offers tourist visa for tourists and extended visa for those who have plans to stay long in the country. 

There are tourists who are given the visa-free privilege (no need to get a tourist visa).

Nationals of most countries can get visa-on-arrival and or the electronic-visa ("e-visa") online through the internet. Passport holders of some countries, however, are required to first apply for visa only at a Cambodian embassy or consulate.

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Basic Information On Getting A Cambodian Visa

General Information On Getting A Cambodian Visa

Passport requirement

To get a Cambodian Visa you need to have a valid passport, with at least six months of remaining validity period and enough number of blank pages left for the stamping of entry and departure dates.

Two Types of Cambodian Visa

1. Type T Visa for tourists

The letter "T" stands for "Tourist". The Cambodian Tourist Visa-On-Arrival and the Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa (called "e-visa") are classified under this type of visa. If your purpose is just to visit the country of Cambodia for a short period (not more than 30 days) as a tourist, these are the two visas that you may apply for.


2. Type E Visa for extended stay in Cambodia

The letter "E" stands for "Extension". This type of visa is given to a foreign national who needs to extend his or her stay in Cambodia beyond the number of days allowed for a tourist. The length of stay is in terms of months, that may even extend to years. The "Type E" visa must not be confused with the tourist visa so-called "e-visa" because of the letter "e" in it. The Type E Visa is a non-tourist visa. It is for an extended period of stay in Cambodia.

There are four different classifications of Type E Visa. They are the Type EB, Type EG, Type ER and Type ES. Each one is serving the particular purpose of a foreign national who wants to stay in Cambodia for a specified number of months.

Click here for detailed information about the Type E Visa and the descriptions of each Type E classification.

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What you need to know about Cambodian tourist visa.

What You Need To Know About the Cambodian Tourist Visa

There are passport holders not required to get Cambodian Tourist Visa

Holders of passports issued by countries that are members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) are given the visa-free privilege as tourists in Cambodia and therefore do not need to apply for a Tourist Visa. There are some other countries that are not ASEAN members but are also given the visa-free privilege. Click here to see list of countries whose nationals may enjoy the tourist visa free privilege to visit Cambodia. 

Passport holders of countries not in the list are required to get a Cambodian Tourist Visa, except those presenting passports with diplomatic status on missions.

Number of Days Allowed To Stay In Cambodia As Tourist

The effective period of the tourist visa vary according to the country that issued your passport. Some have an effectivity period of only 14 days and some up to 30 days. Click here to see the specific number of days of allowable stay for tourists from different countries.

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about the Cambodian Tourist Visa-On-Arrival

The Tourist Visa-On-Arrival

The Cambodian tourist visa-on-arrival can be purchased upon your arrival at the international airports in Cambodia and at the passport checkpoints at the border-gates between Cambodia and Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos and Cambodia, where visa-on-arrival is being made available by the Cambodian immigration authority.

Official Rate of Cambodian Tourist Visa-On-Arrival

The official rate of the Cambodian tourist visa-on-arrival is US$30.00. You need not pay anything more.

Passport-size photo for Tourist Visa-On-Arrival

For visa-on-arrival, you need to bring and to provide the immigration officer at the airport or border checkpoint your latest "passport-size" photo. There is really no strict regulation on the size of photo. It should only be about 1.25 inches (32cm) in width and about 1.75 inches (44cm) in height. Failure to provide your own copy of your passport-size photo will make the immigration officer take your photo with his camera which will cost you US$2.00. 

A Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa

A Cambodian tourist visa is a single-entry visa, meaning you can only use it to enter Cambodia once. After you have left the territory of Cambodia you will need a new tourist visa to re-enter the country.

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To know about the e-visa available from the internet

The Tourists e-Visa

The Cambodian e-visa for tourists can be applied for and purchased through the internet. It is sent to you through your computer or mobile phone. You need only to print it on paper and bring with you to Cambodia and show to the immigration official together with your passport upon arrival at the international airports of Cambodia and at the passport checkpoints at selected border-gates. Click here to see which border-gates in Cambodia accepts the Cambodian e-visa.

Official Rate of the Cambodian Electronic Visa (e-visa)

The official rate of the e-visa, effective October 1, 2014, is US$37.00 (US$30.00 plus US$7.00 processing fee) paid through your credit card.

Application and payment online for the tourist e-visa

For the Electronic Tourist Visa (e-visa) available online, you need to go to the website of the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You may click this link: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/ You will need to upload your latest photo measured at 800 pixels in width and 1,200 pixels in height.

How long is the process of issuance of an e-visa?

The Cambodian e-visa is sent back to you, on line, within three (3) business days after your application and payment. You need only to print it on paper (two copies) and bring it with you when you enter Cambodia through any of its points of entry where e-visa is accepted. You give one copy to the immigration officer and you keep the other copy.

The e-visa Is only for single-entry.

The e-visa is a tourist visa and is good for only one entry (single-entry) into Cambodia. 

Click here for more detailed information about the Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa (e-visa) that is available online through the internet.

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To know who cannot be given visa-on-arrival and e-visa.

Passport Holders Who Cannot Be Given Visa-On-Arrival and Electronic Visa (e-visa)

Non-availability of e-Visa and Visa On-arrival to some specified passport holders

The e-visa (online) and visa on-arrival are not yet available to holders of passports issued by the countries listed below:








Saudi Arabia

Sri Lanka


Citizens of these countries are required to apply for entry-visa into Cambodia only at a Cambodian embassy or consulate:  Click here to see list of countries with Cambodian embassies or consulates, with contact information included.

Return or Onward Flight Ticket Required

Holders of passports issued by countries listed above may be required to present a return or onward airline flight ticket.

Special Documents Required From Specified Nationalities

Holders of passports issued by the countries of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, NigeriaPakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan may be required to show any of the following documents when applying for entry-visa to Cambodia:

1) Letter of Invitation from a sponsoring organization, such as company, NGO or school in Cambodia.

2) Employment Contract with a registered employer in Cambodia.

3) Documentary proof of financial capacity to invest or to stay with adequate financial support in Cambodia. 

2) Return or onward airline flight ticket.


Be aware: Passport holders of countries required to provide special documents specified above cannot apply for visa-on-arrival and for the Cambodian e-visa. The entry-visa must be applied for at a Cambodian embassy or consulate and secured before arrival at Cambodia. Inquiries about this may be sent to the nearest Cambodian embassy or consulate. Click here for locations and contact information of Cambodian embassies and consulates worldwide.

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To know where to get a Cambodian visa

Where To Get A Cambodian Visa

Tourist visa (Type T) can be obtained from official sources specified below:


1. Cambodian embassies and consulates

Click here for list of Cambodian embassies and consulates worldwide, with contact information.


2. Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC) of Cambodia

This is for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) also referred to as the Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa or e-visa. Click this link: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/


3. Airports and border-gates in Cambodia

Airports and border-gates in Cambodia where you can get tourist visa-on-arrival. Click here for list of Points of Entry where visa-on-arrival can be obtained and where e-visa is accepted.

The Cambodian (non-tourist) Type E visa, for those who have plans to stay longer in Cambodia in terms of months, can be applied for at:


1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in front (across the highway) of the Phnom Penh International Airport, or


2. Through any dependable local visa agent, preferably a visa agent with an established and government registered office.

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To read "visa fee for children 12 years and below"

Special Notice About Visa Fee For Children 12 Years and Below

Be aware: If you are not holding a passport issued by a country whose nationals are given the visa-free privilege to enter Cambodia as tourist, please be warned that a child below the age of 12, travelling with a parent, may be charged US$30.00 for tourist visa-on-arrival. Click here to see list of countries whose nationals are visa-free to enter Cambodia.

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For the Type E visa you need to stay longer in Cambodia


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The "Type E" Visa for Foreign Nationals Who Are Not Tourists

Who are required to get a non-tourist Type E Visa?

The following are required to get a non-tourist Type E visa:

1. A foreign national employed or to be employed by a local employer.

2. A foreign national who is self-employed in his or her own enterprise in Cambodia.

3. A foreign national in the process of making job applications in Cambodia.

4. A foreign national whose age is 55 years old, and above, who wants to spend his retirement years in Cambodia with sufficient means of financial support.

5. A foreign national who wants to study in a school in Cambodia.


Click here for more detailed information about the Type E Visa

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How A Cambodian Visa Looks Like

Image of the Cambodian Tourist Visa-On-Arrival

Photo below shows an image of a Cambodian visa, in sticker form, placed in your passport when the visa is applied for and issued on arrival. What you can see in the photo is also an example of a Type E Visa (also called "Ordinary Visa" or "Business Visa"), which can be applied for on arrival or when one is already in Cambodia.

This is the Cambodian visa that is in the form of a sticker. It is stuck to a page of your passport when you enter Cambodia. It is different in appearance with the Cambodian visa that you can purchase online, through the internet, referred to as "e-visa".


A "Type E" Extended Visa also has the same appearance as the Visa-On-Arrival 

The visa sticker shown above is also an example of a visa issued to extend the stay of a foreign national, who at first entered as a tourist and then decided to stay longer for other purposes than just being a passing visitor. This particular visa (shown in the photo above) has a validity period of 6 months and allows multiple-entry into Cambodia. This one is called the "Type E" visa (not to be confused with the Cambodian Electronic Visa Online that is called "e-visa"). The Type E Visa is also referred to as "Business Visa" and also "Ordinary Visa".  If this visa is applied for and paid direct to the immigration office, it will costs about US$125.00. If faciliated by a local visa agent, it will cost about US$159.00.

Scroll down to see how a Cambodian e-visa looks like.

The Cambodian Electronic Visa (e-visa)

Photo below shows an image of the Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa (e-visa), available online, through your computer connected to the internet. This is how it would look if you print it with color in your computer printer.

This is the Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa. It is referred to as "e-visa". It can be purchased online through the internet. It is a single-entry tourist-visa and can be used once only.

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What is visa "validity period"


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What is Visa Validity Period

A Cambodian tourist visa has a validity period of 90 days. Please be aware that "valid period" is different from "allowable period of stay".


What is valid period?

The "Valid Period" is a specified number of days within which the visa can be used to enter Cambodia. The valid period of the Cambodian visa begins from the date of its issuance up to its 90th day. After that the visa becomes null and void, even if it has not been used. 


What is allowable period of stay?

"Allowable period of stay" is the number of days a foreign national is allowed to remain in Cambodia, according to the type of visa he or she has been given. The number of days of stay in Cambodian on a tourist visa vary according to the country that issued the passport being held by a foreign national. The shortest number of days of allowable period of stay as a tourist in Cambodia is 14 days and the longest is 30 days.

Click here to see the number of days allowed for a foreign national to stay in Cambodia as a tourist according to the country that issued his or her passport.


Penalty for overstaying foreign nationals

You will need to exit Cambodia before the maximum number of days allowed for you to stay in the country is consumed, otherwise you will be charged a fine of US$10.00 per day (this used to be US$5.00 per day) after the last day of the allowable number of days. 


Validity is for single-entry only

The Cambodian tourist visa can be used, within its period of validity, for entry into Cambodia only once (single-entry). After you have used your tourist visa to enter Cambodia, you can no longer use it again to make another entry even if the validity period still has number of days or weeks still left in it.

You may request for an extension of the validity-period of a Cambodian tourist visa. That means if, for any reason, you were not able to use the visa to enter Cambodia after it has been issued to you and its valid period is about to expire you may extend its validity. It can be extended just once. The extended period of validity will be only for thirty (30) days.

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