Title: Terms and Conditionalities On The Use of this Web Site

The use of this web site, the www.howtogotocambodia.com, is subject to the following terms or conditionalities as follows:


1. The person or entity using this web site for the purpose of gathering information or to advertise products or services shall hereinafter be referred to as User.

2. User has read, understood and has agreed to the terms or conditionalities on the use of this web site written on this page.

3. The producer or publisher or administrator of this web site, and the associates that are part of the production and publication of this website, are hereinafter referred to as HTGTC Publisher.

4. The internet host of this web site and the internet search engines that enable this web site to be published and located in the internet web are hereinafter referred to as Internet Publication Facilitators or IPF.

5. User understands that the HTGTC Publisher and the IPF shall not be held responsible nor liable, and shall be rendered free from harm or any obligation whatsoever from any of the following:

5.1 Disturbance or loss or damage that may be caused by the use of information taken from this web site, having understood that contents of this web site may contain information that may have become outdated or inadvertent error, and having also understood that Users are encouraged to exercise due diligence in making personal verifications from other sources of information to establish the accuracy of information given in this web site;

5.2 Any untoward event, unexpected development or result, having understood that HTGTC Publisher and the IPF have no control on the development of events, in places, with people and with things or items that are mentioned or published in this web site or on how information taken from this web site will be used;

5.3 Use of names, photographs, video clips and other images or graphic presentations posted or published in this web site, having understood that such posting or publication in this web site are done in good faith for the purpose only of providing information, and are made without malice or intention to demean, insult or harm any person, group, institution, organization, community, or government nor to infringe on property rights, and that a name, label, photograph, video clip and other images or graphic presentation published in this web site shall be immediately removed, within a reasonable period of time, by the HTGTC Publisher, upon proper verifiable notification has been received, if an inadvertent infrigement on property rights or an unintentional intrusion into privacy has been inadvertently made, as properly proven; and having also understood that the HTGTC Publisher hereby encourages immediate notification, by email to howtogotocambodia@gmail.com, if the mention of a name or the posting of a graphic material in this web site is subject to a rightful objection by a rightfully concerned entity or party.

5.4 Information provided by HTGTC Publisher in response to comments and/or questions written by Users on the Comment Page or emailed to howtogotocambodia@gmail.com, having understood that while much effort is exerted to authenticate the truth and accuracy of the information given in response to comments or questions that have been received by the HTGTC Publisher, the dynamics of things involved can quickly change and render the information provided outdated and inapplicable or an inadvertent error can be made.

6. User understands that none of the contents of this web site shall be construed as a promise, or as a guarantee or as an obligation whatsoever on the part of HTGTC Publisher and IPF, and that the warrants, guarantees and commitments that are contained in the other web sites that may be linked to this web site by affiliation or by advertisement agreements are purely their own and not binding to the HTGTC Publisher or IPF.

7. The HTGTC Publisher reserves the right to allow or to refuse the posting of any advertisement on the pages of this webs sites.

8. The HTGTC Publisher reserves the right to discountinue without prior notice the display or posting of advertising materials, such as affiliate links and referrals, unless they are covered by documented agreements or contracts, executed between the HTGTC Publisher and the advertiser, that provide the terms and conditionalities governing their display and appearance in the web pages of this web site.

9. The HTGTC Publisher reserves the right to re-locate or reposition the placement of advertisements in the web-pages of this web site, without notice to the advertiser, to where the HTGTC Publisher feels their promotional potentials can be more optimized, notwithstanding provisions in a contract that governs their placement in the web-pages of this web site.

10. The HTGTC Publisher shall not be responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or incovenience due to any technical or digital error that may occur that can result to sudden non-appearance of an advertiser's banner display in the web-pages of this web site or from the inability of any links installed in the web-pages of this website to connect to the advertiser's web site.

11. In case advertisements are posted on the pages of this web site, User understands that, by responding to an advertisement, third parties may be placing or could have placed reading cookies on User's browser, or may be placing or could have placed web beacons that collect information through the advertisement posted or serving on this web site, and User, likewise, understands:

11.1 That, a cookie is a piece of data from a web site that is stored in the User's web browser which enables the sending-website to remember the previous activity of the User when the same web site is revisited (learn more about cookie at web sites defining this term or at Wikipedia);

11.2 That, a web beacon is a code, invisible to the User, that allows the tracking of User's activity related to the opening of a web page or email (learn more about web beacon at web sites defining this term or at Wikipedia);


12. In case advertisements by Google Adsense are posted on this web site, User understands the following:

12.1 That, third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve advertisements based on the User's prior visit on this web site;

12.2 That, Google use the DoubleClick cookie which enables it and its partners to serve advertisements to Users of this web site, based on the User's prior visit to this web site and to other web sites on the Internet;

12.3 That, User may choose the option to disconnect, or "opt out", off the DoubleClick cookie for "interest-based advertising" by going to Ads Setting, or to "opt out" of "interest-based-advertising" by third-party vendors by going to aboutads.info and find the provisions for "opting out" through a link found under the heading "For Consumers";

12.4 That "interest-based-advertising" is defined by Google as follows: It is a system of advertising that enables advertisers to reach a User, based on their inferred interests and demographics, which allows advertisers to show advertisements to a User based on the User's previous interaction with them through advertisements on web sites.

12.5 That, advertisements appearing on this web site, as publisher of Google Adsense advertising materials, appear according to how Google Adsense determines the matching of advertisements with the content of the page where they appear and HTGTC Publisher has no direct control on what advertisements may appear on a page at any given time and place.


13. User understands that comments, opinions, suggestions and information sent to this website are purely those of the senders and may not necessarily reflect that of the HTGTC Publisher and IPF.

14. User understands that HTGTC Publisher reserves the right to edit or not to publish comments, opinions, suggestions and information sent to this website.

15. User understands that any of the provisions of terms and conditionalities written in this Terms and Conditionalities on the Use of this Website may change without prior notice and that additional terms and conditions may be added anytime.

16. In the event of dispute it is understood that by using this web site the User has agreed that the HTGTC Publisher, by option, may not entertain complaints, and if HTGTC Publisher agrees to entertain any complaints, the venue for any out of court hearing and or settlement, or any judicial hearing and or judicial settlement shall be at the location chosen by the HTGTC Publisher.

The Publisher