How To Get The Cambodian Work Permit

With Proper Visa

To get the Cambodian Work Permit you need to have the following:


1. Work Contract 

Given to you by a local employer that is a government registered business enterprise or organization in Cambodia.


2. Written confirmation of your appointment

If you are not employed by a local employer you will need to have this "confirmation" given to you by your employer in your country (or from your source of income outside Cambodia) who has assigned you to conduct your work in Cambodia.


3. Type E multiple-entry visa 

Work Permit For Those With Work Contract

If you are employed by an organization or a business enterprise in Cambodia your employer will need to submit to the Cambodian Ministry of Labor your contract of employment and a copy of your passport and Type EB visa.

Usually your employer will pay the US$100 fee for the issuance of your Work Permit Certificate. Your employer may also pay for your Type EB multiple-entry visa. If your Type EB multiple-entry visa is good for 6 months, the cost is not less than US$159.00. If it is good for 12 months, the cost is not less than US$299.00.

You need to discuss this matter with your prospective employer prior to your actual hiring.

Work Permit For Those With Confirmation of Appointment By A Foreign Employer or Self-Employed

If you are employed by a company outside of Cambodia, or you are self-employed (engaged in an income generating enterprise in Cambodia), you can apply for the "Freelance" category of work permit issuance. For the "freelance" application you will need to have these documents described below:


1. Authenticated Document Showing Source of Regular Income

The usually accepted document is a confirmation of appointment given to you by your principal in your country who is sending you regular payment or financial support. The document must show your address in Cambodia. It must be in its original printing, not a copy, and there must be a printed seal of the office, company or organization that is the source of your regular income. The signature of the authorized signatory that appears on the document must be recognizable to be original as having been personally signed by the hand of the signatory, not by an electronic device.

This document is needed to support your application for a Type EB multiple-entry visa.


2. Type EB multiple-entry visa

To apply for this visa you need to submit to the Cambodian Ministry of Immigration the document described in No. 1 above, together with your valid passport and an unexpired visa, and at least 2 copies of your latest passport-size photos.

You may personally make your application for the Type EB multiple-entry visa at the Ministry of Immigration (located in front of the Phnom Penh International Airport), or you may let a dependable local visa agent make the application for you. The visa agent will charge up to US$160.00 for a 6-month Type multiple-entry visa  and up to US$300.00 for one that is good for 12 months. Your Type E multiple-entry visa will be available for you to pick up about seven days, more or less, after your application has been accepted.

You will need your Type EB multiple-entry visa to support your application for a work permit. However, before you can apply for a work permit you first need to have a document called the "residency certificate". To get a residency certificate you need to show a rental contract. This document is described below.


3. Rental Contract

You will need a rental contract, executed between you and your landlord, the house owner of the house you are renting or the administrator of the building where you are renting an apartment unit. You will need this rental contract to get a residency certificate described below.


4. Residency Certificate

A residency certificate is needed to apply for a work permit. This certificate is issued by the local government authority (which is a commune and locally called "sangkat") in the area where you are renting a room, a house or apartment unit, which you declare to be your residence. To get this certificate you need to submit to the "sangkat" office a copy of your rental contract.

If you will personally do the paperwork to get the residency certificate, you will need to go to the government office of the commune where your residence is located. There you will fill up a form on which your passport-size photo will be attached and your thumbprint imprinted. As already mentioned you will be required to submit a rental contract executed between you and your landlord, house owner or apartment administrator. Please be aware that the rental contract and the residency certificate are all worded and written in the Cambodian language (Khmer) and you cannot read or undertand what are written there. You just need to trust that what are written there are the right things that can support the purposes you intended to use them.

It may take up to four working days to get your residency certificate.

When you have your residency certificate on hand you may start applying for your work permit. The application for work permit is made at the Ministry of Labor.

Cost of Work Permit Application and Time to Apply or Renew

You pay US$100.00 upon the submission of your application for a work permit. It is good for one year. You pay US$100.00 for every yearly renewal. The time to apply for, or renew, a work permit is from January to March. It takes about 2 to 3 months for a work permit to be released to you after your application has been accepted.

Assistance of an established visa and work permit facilitator is recommended

It can be difficult for a foreign national to get the paperwork done without assistance from a local person because of the language barrier and unfamiliar bureaucratic procedures.  It is best to engage the services of an established visa and work permit facilitator to make the application and the involved paperwork for you. We can refer you to a reputable visa and work permit facilitator if you ask for our assistance. Write your request to