How To Work In Cambodia And Get Paid In U.S. Dollars

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Introduction: What You Can Get From This Guide



Where Is Cambodia?



Background Information About Cambodia



How Is It In Cambodia Now?



Job Opportunities In The Field Of Education In Cambodia



Applying For Work In Cambodia




5.1 Writing An Application Letter

5.2 Writing A Resume Or A Curriculum Vitae

5.3 Applying For Work Through the Internet

5.4 What To Look Out For When Sending Applications To Cambodia?

5.5 Letter of Invitation: What Is It?

5.6 Submitting Your Application In Person In Cambodia




How To Go To Cambodia



Passport Requirements



Understanding the Cambodian Visa Requirements For Work Purposes




8.1 Two Types of Cambodian Visas

8.2 Understanding the Type-T (Tourist) Visa

8.3 Option of A Tourist To Get A Type-E Visa In Cambodia

8.4 What Is The Cambodian Tourist “Visa-On-Arrival”?

8.5 What Is The Cambodian “e-visa”?

8.6 Understanding the Type-E (Extended) Visa.




Table Of Cambodian Tourist Visa Regulations



Getting The Right Documents In Preparation For Work




9.1 Valid Passport and Passport-Size Photos

9.2 Documents You Need To Show Certainty of Work

9.3 Getting the Proper Visa




Logistical Preparations Before You Go To Cambodia




10.1 How Much Money To Prepare For Extension of Stay

10.2 How Much Money To Prepare For Living Accommodation

10.3 How Much Money To Prepare For Daily Meals

10.4 How Much Money To Prepare For Transportation Fare




Getting The Right Documents To Work Legally In Cambodia




11.1 How To Get The “Foreigner Employment Card”

11.2 How To Get The “Foreigner Work Permit” Card

11.3 The Documentary Requirements That Are Needed




Special Guide To Those Who Will Apply For A Teaching Job In Cambodia




12.1 What Teaching Jobs Are Most Available In Cambodia?

12.2 What Teaching Qualifications Or Skills Are Preferred?

12.3 What Specialized Knowledge Can Add To Your Credentials?

12.4 What Training Certification Is Advantageous To Possess In Cambodia?




List Of Schools In Cambodia That Hire Foreign Nationals




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What You Can Get From This Guide


This Guide can help you enter an adventurous life in a new social and cultural environment in another country while at the same time getting handsomely paid for it.

It gives information, instructions and guidance on how you can get yourself engaged in a rewarding occupation in the Kingdom of Cambodia, in Southeast Asia, where foreign nationals with professional credentials or occupational experience are currently much wanted and paid well.

Those who are teaching are paid  monthly salary starting from US$800 (or more) to US$2,000 (or more). Living a modest lifestyle, one can already live quite well on a monthly income of US$800.00 in Cambodia.

You can use the information provided in this book as your guide on how to successfully go through the dynamics of finding and getting into work employment in Cambodia, hassle-free and with higher degree of certainty, in the manner that is according to law and in consonance with prescribed government regulatory rules.

An important purpose in the making of this Guide is to provide a readily available source of information, in one easy-to-read book, that you can immediately get into your hands and use for quick reference on what and how things are best done when exploring and applying for work in Cambodia while you are still in your own country. With it you can make proper preparations beforehand and gain knowledge and familiarity with things that need to be done when you are actually already there.

The field of endeavor being presented primarily in this Guide, as an area of opportunity, is in the teaching profession. This is because, at present, the expertise that is most in demand in Cambodia is in this form of service. Using this Guide you can actually get to know the current vacant positions in the faculty staffs of different schools in Cambodia. An “insider’s intelligence” like this can bring a rewarding teaching occupation right into your hands without having to go through tedious search effort. The information that you can get from this Guide can, of course, be use also to secure other forms of gainful employment or occupational opportunities in Cambodia that are not related to teaching.

With its obvious significant value this Guide brings to your attention, immediately, the specific government requirements and regulatory measures (true as of 2018) governing the acceptance of foreign nationals who want to work in Cambodia; and provide the basic answers to questions about how to legally stay in the country as a working foreign national.

It is always advisable to have knowledge of the place where you are going, particularly if your purpose of being there is to work. This Guide, therefore, also provides background information about Cambodia as a nation. This can equip you with knowledge that you may later need to retrieve from your memory  in case the necessity to cite such information may come up in the process of your work applications and when you are already in the actual performance of your work. Hopefully, the information you will get from this book can “jump-start” a desire in you to learn more about Cambodia, about its people and their traditions and culture. Stock knowledge like that can give you an edge over other work-applicants who did not bother to be so equipped.

To make full use of this Guide it is strongly recommended that you fully read it in its entirety and use it as reference as you make your plans and explore work opportunities, and as you eventually go through the process of getting employed by a local employer or in undertaking a self-employed type of occupation in Cambodia.


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...To know why foreign nationals teaching in Cambodia are paid starting from US$800 (or more) and then up to US$2,000 (or more).


...To know why teachers from the U.S., U.K., Australia and from the Philippines are in demand in Cambodia.


...To be able to immediately get information about current job vacancies. 


...To be able to immediately establish a direct communication line with your prospective employers in Cambodia, while you are still in your own country.


...To know how to apply for work in Cambodia.


...To know how to get the right Cambodian visa you need for work.


...To know what documents are needed to work in Cambodia.


...To know what to prepare.


...To learn what things you need to budget money in reserved while preparing for work .


...To ask for assistance on visa and work permit facilitation.


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