Putting Up Your Business Enterprise In Cambodia

Making It Easy, Co. Ltd. (MIE) makes it easy to register a business enterprise in Cambodia, and to acquire all the other documents you need to get into a gainful occupation, as a business investor or a self-employed foreign national. Expert and attentive guidance, given in English, is provided to clients personally and through emails and other means of quick communication facilities.

The regulations and requirements on the registration of a business enterprise in Cambodia evolves in consonance with the rapidly expanding business opportunities in the country, and can become very dynamic year after year.


Without guidance from local business counselors, the procedures involved in starting a business operation legally can become very challenging to foreign nationals who would be confronted with new regulations and requirements and with paper works that need to be done in the local language (in Khmer).


Making It Easy, Co. Ltd. (MIE) was built to make it easy for a foreign national, who sees the rising business opportunities in Cambodia, to register a business enterprise and to operate it within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations. One big advantage that Making It Easy gives to its clients is that communications and consultation is done in English.

Below are three substantial guides, given FREE, that can immediately provide you with information that you need to know on how to register your business enterprise in Cambodia and what to prepare for that purpose.

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For the  Year 2019, MIE provides this free guide (2019 TO DO LIST For Foreigners Doing Business and Working in Cambodia) to give you primary understanding on what are required to start and operate your business project or enterprise in Cambodia. Just click on this link, or on the banner at left, to get the information. It is free.

Law on Business Enterprises and Tax Incentives in Cambodia

Also available FREE. The law on Tax Incentives for Small and Medium sized enterprises classified in the Priority Sector. Click here.


From this information you will know what are the qualifications for Small and Medium category of business enterprise, what are classified under the Priority Sector of businesses and what tax incentives are given.

To start and operate a business enterprise in Cambodia, or to be employed in business establishment or organization, a foreign national needs a Work Permit.

Know what documents to prepare and how much to pay to get a work permit. Get this FREE information.

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Making It Easy, Co. Ltd, meets clients for consultation or conference at its office in No. 809, Kampuchea Krom Boulevard (Street 128), City of Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. Phone number is +855 23 220 203. Office hours is from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon, Monday to Friday.


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