Frequently Asked Questions

About Getting A Visa for Cambodia

What visa do I need to enter Cambodia as a tourist?

You need only to have a tourist-visa, that is, if you are holding a passport issued by a country whose citizens are required to have a visa to enter Cambodia. There are passport-holders who are visa-free when entering Cambodia as a tourist. Click here for details about visa-free entry into Cambodia. Please be aware that the Cambodian tourist visa is a single-entry visa. You can use it to enter Cambodia only once.

Where can I get a tourist-visa?

A Cambodian Tourist Visa can be applied for and acquired upon arrival in a Cambodian border-gate and international airport. You can also apply for a Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa online. A visa purchased online is called e-visa. You pay for it online and it will be sent to you online. You will only need to print it and bring with you to Cambodia. Entry visas into Cambodia are also issued in Cambodian embassies and consulates in countries where they are present. Click here for details.

How much is the cost of a Cambodian Tourist Visa?

The official price of a Cambodian Tourist Visa, paid on arrival, is US$30.00. Nothing more to pay. The price is the same if it is purchased in a Cambodian embassy or consulate. If you cannot provide a passport-size photo when applying for the visa on arrival, you may be charged US$1.00 for the photo-taking service that will be provided to you.

The Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa, referred to as the "e-visa", which can be purchased online  through the internet directly from the website of the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is charged US$30.00 plus US$6.00 (total of US$36.00).

Please be aware that there are countries whose passport holders cannot yet avail the Cambodian Tourist Visa on-arrival and the Cambodian e-visa. For the passport holders of these countries the Cambodian visa can only be purchased in a Cambodian embassy or consulate. Scroll down to know the names of these countries.

Is it hard to get a tourist-visa on arrival?

Not at all. However, sometimes, it may create some delay which can cause unnecessary feelings of anxiety, particularly in the border gates. Purchasing a Cambodian Electronic Visa (e-visa) online prior to your trip to Cambodia, and having the e-visa already with you as you enter a point of entry enables you to avoid possibilities of delay.

Please be aware that there are countries whose citizens or passport holders are not allowed to get visa on arrival and also cannot yet avail of the Cambodian e-visa. Names of these countries are written in the next item below.

Who are not allowed to get visa on arrival and also not eligible to purchase the Cambodian e-visa online? 

Holders of passports issued by Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan, are not yet allowed to apply for the Cambodian tourist visa on arrival, or for the Cambodian e-visa online. The application for visa is required to be made only at a Cambodian embassy or consulate. Click here to see the locations of Cambodian embassies or consulates in different parts of the world.

Do I need to show a return, or onward, flight ticket when applying for a Cambodian visa?

A return or onward flight ticket will only be required from holders of passports issued by Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan. Holders of passports issued by any of the named countries may also be asked to show an Invitation Letter, a Letter of Sponsorship or an Employment Contract given by a duly registered organization or business establishment in Cambodia.

How long can I stay in Cambodia as a tourist?

Maximum of 30 days for some nationalities and maximum of 14 days for some. Click here to see the specific number of days of allowable stay for tourists from different countries.

Can I extend my tourist visa and for how long?

The Cambodian Tourist Visa can be extended for a period up to 30 days. Only one extension is allowed. Apply for extension before your tourist visa expiration date is reached. 

You can have your tourist visa extended personally at the Ministry of Immigration Office. It is located just in front of the Phnom Penh International Airport (across the street). The fee for the extension is US$30.00. You will need to fill up a form and provide a passport-size photo. You will also need to give and leave your passport there at the immigration office. The processing time will usually take about seven days, and your passport with your new visa with an extended calendar date attached on a page, will be ready for you to pick up after that.

You may also let a local visa agent facilitate your application for the extension of your tourist visa. It may cost you, more or less, US$45.00, to have a visa agent do the extension for you. This price already includes his service fee.

Please remember that while your visa extension is within the seven days processing period at the Ministry of Immigration you do not have your passport with you and you may not be able to get into any transaction (like booking a hotel room, buying sim card, buying tickets, banking transactions, etc.) or do anything that requires the showing of a passport.

What if I just want to stay in Cambodia for a period longer than allowed for a tourist?

After you have already entered Cambodia as a tourist, you may probably decide to work under an employer or you can become self-employed, a business investor, a funded humanitarian worker or just a person with enough personal funds that can support a longer and peaceful stay in Cambodia. If you get into any of these personal status, while already in Cambodia, you can purchase the Cambodian Type-E Visa (also called Business Visa or Ordinary Visa). Click here to learn more about staying longer in Cambodia with the Type-E Visa.

What visa will I need if I am invited to work by an employer in Cambodia?

You may first enter Cambodia on a Tourist Visa, or you may immediately apply for the "Type E Visa" (usually also called "Ordinary Visa" or "Business Visa") upon your arrival.

If you immediately apply for a Type-E Visa you will need to show to the immigration officers your Letter of Invitation or Employment Contract from your prospective employer. If you had entered Cambodia on a Tourist Visa you will first need to exit the territory of Cambodia on or before the expiry date of your Tourist Visa. After getting out of Cambodia as a tourist you may turn around, re-enter the country and apply for and purchase a Type-E Visa upon your arrival at a border entry-gate or in any of the two international airports of Cambodia. You may, or may not, be asked to show a Letter of Invitation or an Employment Contract, but it is more advantageous to secure one from your prospective employer before you make your application for the Type-E Visa. This visa will enable you to stay in Cambodia for up to one year, giving you the period of time you need for your employment. 

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: To work in Cambodia, or to stay as a self-employed foreign national, you will be required to have a Work Permit issued by the Department of Employment and Manpower of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour and Veteran Affairs of Cambodia. This is something you must ask about and arrange with your prospective employer early in your employment processes. If you plan to be a self-employed foreign national in Cambodia click here to read more on how you may stay longer in Cambodia and about the required Work Permit.

Is it hard to get the "Type E" Visa?

Not at all, once you have already entered Cambodia. There are reliable visa agents in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, who can facilitate your Regular Visa application when you are already there. They charge a fee. The amount charged is really very cheap, when you consider all the trouble you avoid by not processing it yourself in the Cambodian immigration offices (with the problem of language barrier, forms written in Cambodian script and all). When you are already in Cambodia we can recommend a reliable visa agent, who can usually get you a Type E Visa (also called "Business" Visa or "Ordinary" Visa) in less than seven days.

Please be aware that, as of 2017, the Cambodian immigration authority has enforced the requirement for a foreign national to have a Work Permit, issued by the Cambodian Ministry of Labor, in order to be given a Type E visa (also called Regular, Ordinary or Business visa) with multiple-entry privilege (that is a visa with not less than six months validity). Those who are not employed by an employer locally situated in Cambodia, but are financially supported by other means of personal financial resource, may apply for a Type E visa under the "Freelance" category. For this the Ministry of Labor may require for a Certificate of Employment issued by an employer that is not based in Cambodia.

Can you help me get the visa that can extend my stay in Cambodia?

Yes. We will be glad to help you. When you are already in Cambodia, get a local SIM card for your mobile phone and email your number to us at We will introduce you to a reliable, English-speaking, visa agent in Phnom Penh. Our own introduction services is free.

What are the latest (as of August 2018) payment rates for a Type E Visa if facilitated by a reliable visa agent?

Good for One (1) month: US$48.00 (single entry only). Good for Three (3) months: US$78.00 (single entry only). Good for Six (6) months: US$159.00 (multiple entry). Good for One (1) year: US$289.00 (multiple entry). "Multiple-entry" means  that within the period of your visa you may leave and re-enter the territory of Cambodia in unlimited number of times.