Cambodian Work Permit for Foreign Nationals

How to get the Cambodian Work Permit

To get the Cambodian Work Permit you need to have a work contract from a local employer, or a confirmation of your appointment (or a confirmation of the regular financial support or payment that you are receiving) from your employer in your country (or from your source of income) who has assigned you to conduct your work in Cambodia (or is paying you for your services in Cambodia). You will also need to have a Type E multiple-entry visa. 

Work Permit For Those Employed By Local Employers

If you are employed by an organization or a business enterprise in Cambodia your employer will need to submit to the Cambodian Ministry of Labor your contract of employment and a copy of your passport and Type E visa. Usually your employer will pay the US$100 fee for the issuance of your Work Permit Certificate. Your employer may also pay for your Type E multiple-entry visa. If your Type E multiple-entry visa is good for 6 months, the cost is not less than US$159.00. If it is good for 12 months, the cost is not less than US$299.00. You need to discuss this matter with your prospective employer prior to your actual hiring.

Work Permit For Those Not Employed By Local Employers

If you are employed by a company outside of Cambodia, or you are self-employed (engaged in an income generating enterprise in Cambodia) you can apply for the "Freelance" category of work permit issuance. For the "freelance" application you will need to have these documents listed below:

1. Authenticated document showing source of regular income

2. Type E multiple-entry visa

3. Rental Contract

4. Residency Certificate

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Cost of Work Permit Application or Renewal and Time to Apply or Renew

You pay US$100.00 upon the submission of your application for a work permit. It is good for one year. You pay US$100.00 for every yearly renewal. The time to apply for, or renew, a work permit is from January to March. It takes about 2 to 3 months for a work permit to be released to you after your application has been accepted.

Assistance of An Established Visa and Work Permit Facilitator

It can be difficult for a foreign national to get the paperwork done without assistance from a local person because of the language barrier and unfamiliar bureaucratic procedures.  It is best to engage the services of an established visa and work permit facilitator to make the application and the involved paperwork for you. We can refer you to a reputable visa and work permit facilitator if you ask for our assistance. Write your request to