Cambodian Visa Available Through The Internet

The Cambodian visa that is available through the internet is called "e-visa". It is for tourists only.

"e-Visa" is available online

The "e-visa" is issued by the government of Cambodia to make it easier for tourists to obtain an entry visa, wherever in the world as long as there is an internet connection. The e-visa can be applied for, paid and received, all online via the internet. You will only need to print it in two copies, bring with you to Cambodia and give one copy to the immigration officer at the border gates as you present your passport for the stamping of your entry date. You can print it in color or in clear black and white print. Click here to see how the e-visa looks like.

"e-Visa" can ensure more convenient entry into Cambodia

An e-visa on hand can ensure a "no hassle" entry into Cambodia, particularly if you are entering the country by crossing the border, overland, from Thailand or Vietnam. While visa-on-arrival is available in major points of entry into Cambodia, the process of application and issuance at the immigration checkpoints can slow down your border crossing, and reports of cases of overcharging at the border gates used to be prevalent. The e-visa enables the avoidance of these inconveniences and irregularities.

How To Get The Cambodian e-Visa Online

You will need to fill up an application form online through the internet.

You will need to upload a color or black-and-white passport-size photo (800 pixels in width and 1,200 pixels in height).

You will need your credit card to pay online: Official rate for a tourist visa is US$30.00 + Processing Fee of US$7.00 =Total US$37.00. This rate is still in effect up to the present (January 2018).

When Can You Get Your E-visa Online?

You will get your tourist visa online after three (3) business days.

Your Cambodian e-visa is valid  and usable anytime within the period of 90 days from the date of its issuance. It is good for single-entry only.

With your e-visa you can stay in Cambodia as a tourist for 30 days.

Please be aware that a fine of USD10.00 a day is charged to an overstayed tourist visa.

Where To Apply for the Cambodian E-Visa Online

To apply for the Cambodian electronic e-visa, click this link:

Be sure to click on the Return arrow or button on the MFAIC site to go back to this page, after making your application there.

E-Visa May Not Yet Be Available To Passport Holders of Countries Listed Below

Holders of passports issued by countries, named as follows, cannot yet apply for the Cambodian e-visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria. Holders of passport issued by these countries may apply for the Cambodian tourist visa only at a Cambodian Embassy or consulate. Click here to see list of countries where there are Cambodian embassies or consulates.

How a Cambodian e-visa Looks Like