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www.howtogotocambodia.com is produced, published and operated through the internet by:

Teo Marte Tayo and Associates


We are based in the city of Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

We have stayed as expatriates in Cambodia for quite awhile and have gained some familiarity with places and ways of things in this country that can be useful to those who are planning to make a visit.

The information we present in this web site are acquired either from our own personal experiences or through research. We have also gained contacts among the local Cambodians, whose occupations are related to travel activities in Cambodia, from whom we can consult for information that may not be readily available to us personally.

The dynamics of travel into and in Cambodia is and can be so "unfixed" and unpredictable that we need to honestly admit that we cannot fully guarantee the all-time accuracy of information that we can gather and  provide to our readers. We, however, always endeavor to provide accurate information, as much as possible, and we will always strive to update our information. We also encourage you to give due diligence in searching for more information that you need in your travel plans to go to Cambodia in other sources available to you.

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