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Date: 18/02/2017

By: Tha Rusha

Subject: Tourist Visa Extension

Here's my first-hand experience with extending a Tourist Visa in January 2017.

I handed my passport over to a renowned visa-broker in Phnom Penh on a Monday morning, just before 12 am. Paid USD 47 while insisting on getting the document back by Thursday (as promised in a previous phone inquiry). Got my passport back on Thursday, 5 pm, with a one month extension sticker inside. No problems whatsoever.

Date: 18/02/2017

By: HTGTC Publisher

Subject: Re: Tourist Visa Extension

We are happy to know that you have found a reliable visa agent in Phnom Penh.

Thank you for sharing the information through our web site.

Date: 25/01/2017

By: Panhavuth LONG

Subject: Please includes Pailin into your site

I would like to request you to expand your page to cover Pailin province too. Pailin sits in the Cardamom Mountain range which is very peaceful, majestic and beautiful and is acclaimed for its history, former Khmer Rouge stronghold, agricultural abundance, waterfalls, greenery, fruits farms, rubies, sapphires, topaz stones and opals.

Fresh and clean air, mountains, and the stunning views make trekking, hiking and cycling in these verdant trials invigorating and relaxing at the same time. In addition, swimming at the base of the remote waterfalls in the area is a perfect escape to nature and ideal for fond memories.

Pailin Province is the newest and second smallest province in Cambodia, with 803 square km. Before reintegration in 1996, the population of Pailin was 17,850. Seventeen years later, the population of this area is about 70,000. Pailin, historically known for gem mining and processing, is recovering from its war torn past. Today, Pailin is transforming into an agricultural production center.

More interestingly, Pailin has great potential for ecotourism with its command of the northern approaches to the Cardamom Mountains’ waterfalls, rivers, untouched forests and abundant wildlife.

Visitors to the Pailin area can experience the moving memorial at the Well of Shadows and get first-hand knowledge of how ordinary Cambodians suffered and survived during this period.

With a wide variety of natural leisure activities, you can enjoy cycling, trekking, hiking, viewing landscapes. Involve yourself with local livelihood activities like agricultural activities which will immerse you into a real combination of communities’ life experiences and natural tourism in Pailin, a realm of yet explored treasures.

Pailin is about four hours drive from Bangkok, three hours from Koh Samet or Pattaya, two hours from Rayong or Koh Chang, five hours from Phnom Penh, three hours from Siem Reap, one hour from Battambang, and close to the new (safe and easy to transit) Thai border crossing (Ban Pakard/Phsa Prum Border).

For more detail, please kindly visit our website:

Date: 26/01/2017

By: HTGTC Publisher

Subject: Re: Please includes Pailin into your site

To: Panhavuth LONG

Thank you for the information about Pailin.

Your suggestion to include Pailin in the information provided at HowToGoToCambodia Dot Com is well taken and much appreciated.

We will look into this and see how going to Pailin can be integrated into our web pages soon.

Date: 18/01/2017

By: James Walsh

Subject: Thailand to Cambodia via Trat

Hi there - first of all many thanks for this excellent resource which proved most helpful during my recent overland Bangkok-Trat-Koh Kong-Phnom Penh journey.
As you have stated nothing remains 'fixed' so I thought you would appreciate some experiential observations from my trip.
At Ekkamai Bus Station, I took a minibus to Trat and the journey took under 5 hours. (Stayed overnight in Trat).
At Trat Bus Station there are good eateries (for breakfast).
At Cham Yeam just across the road from the immigration counters, there is a new cafe - air con, nice toilets etc. Once I had evaded the touts, the tuktuk asked just $5- to Koh Kong bus station. Also, there was no currency preference for 'services' offered - Baht, Riel or Dollar were all accepted.
At Koh Kong Bus Station (arriving late morning) there are a couple of eateries for lunch. Had the choice of Olympic or Rith Mony buses for the trip to PP.
Thanks again for your website.

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